Read More How do I get the option for the online EOB?

Your EOBs will automatically be available to you online. Once you have logged on to, you can find your online EOBs by going to the My Claims and Benefits tab and clicking on the Online Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) link.

Read More What do I need to do if I no longer want the option for the online EOB?

Your EOBs will be available automatically. We will not selectively turn off the option so, if you do not want to view your EOBs online, just do not access the online functionality.

Read More How far back can I view my EOB history?

EOBs will be available for up to the previous 24 months. When the option is first implemented there will only be 6 months of history available. As time progresses, the history will build up to the 24 month limit.

Read More Can I view my EOBs and make payments online?

Although you will be able to view your EOBs online, you will not be able to make any payments using this option.

Read More Can I see my EOB as soon as it’s created?

BCBSAZ will make every effort to load the electronic version of your EOB in a timely manner; however, the time to do this can vary. The EOBs created when we process your claim will be available for your viewing, in most cases, within one business day following the processing of a submitted claim. For instance, if your claim was processed on a Monday night, the EOB should be available for you to see online no later than the end of the business day on Tuesday.

Read More Can I print my EOB?

Yes, you can print any EOB that is available to you online. If you are viewing your EOB as single pages, you will only be able to print the page that you are currently looking at. If you are viewing all pages of your document as a PDF file, then you can print the entire EOB at once. Printing your EOB from the PDF version will provide a much clearer printed copy than printing the document a page at a time.

Read More Who do I call if I have questions on my EOB?

You should call the Customer Service telephone number listed on your EOB.

Read More Can I see the EOBs for my whole family?

You can see the EOBs for all your family members that fall under your member contract.

Read More Is my information kept private and secure?

A member will only be able to view the EOBs associated with their member ID.

Read More Who do I call if I have a problem printing, reviewing EOBs, or if the internet is giving me error messages?

Please contact technical support at (602) 864-4844.