Welcome to Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ)! We are happy to have you as a member and want to help you get the healthcare you need. You will find that we have a friendly, helpful service team. We work to help you and your family with the choices and care you need to stay healthy.

This online guide will help you learn how your health plan works and how to get the most out of your healthcare. We are here to help make this easy and help you with any questions you have.

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Getting Started

Read your BCBSAZ card and put it in your wallet

Your card gives plan details and shows who to call if you need help. Keep your card with you at all times and do not let others use it. If you lose your card, you’re still covered. You can order a new card by calling us. Your ID card is also on the MyBlue AZ mobile app. You can download it at Google PlayTM and the App StoreTM.

You will need your BCBSAZ ID card when you:

  • Visit a doctor or other healthcare professional
  • Go to a drug store to get medication your doctor prescribes for you
  • Visit an urgent care center
  • Go to the hospital or ER
  • Call BCBSAZ customer service
  • Sign up for the MyBlue member portal

Sign up for a member MyBlueSM account

It is easy to sign up for MyBlue! Get instant use of online features, such as these:

  • Find a doctor or hospital in your network
  • View charges sent by doctors and hospitals
  • Access health and wellness resources that can help you live a healthier lifestyle
  • Track how much you’ve paid out of your own pocket toward your deductible and yearly maximum
  • Look up a drug your doctor orders (and how much it costs)
  • Check what care your health plan covers
  • Order replacement ID cards

Get to know what your health plan covers

It is important to understand what care your plan covers and what you may need to pay as your share of the cost. There are two ways you can learn what your health plan covers and what costs you can expect to pay when you get care.

  • Look through your benefit book - Your benefit book explains all of your health plan details and will show:
    • What healthcare your plan covers and doesn't cover
    • How to get services and whether you need preauthorization for a service
    • The types of costs or parts of a healthcare cost you will have to pay for each service you receive
    • Commonly used health plan terms 
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) - The SBC is a document that comes with your member ID card. It outlines what your plan covers and how your health plan works, including the cost share amounts and percentages that apply to your plan. For example, your benefit book will tell you whether you have a copay for a service. Your SBC will tell you how much the copay is. Sign into your MyBlue member account to see your SBC. Call (602) 864-4851 to have a copy mailed to you.