Learn the dos and don'ts of social distancing

The coronavirus has introduced several new phrases into our vocabulary. There’s “pandemic,” “community spread,” and “COVID-19” itself. One of the most frequently used terms we’ve heard is “social distancing.”

Simply put, social distancing means putting physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. This is an important step each of us can take to help minimize the reach of COVID-19. But social distancing is a new concept to most of us, so it can be difficult to know exactly how to accomplish it!

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is ready with information and resources that will help our members navigate through this outbreak. We’ve put together this list of dos and don’ts to help you make sense of social distancing.

Dos Don'ts
Keep approximately six feet of distance between you and other people in public spaces. Gather in groups of more than ten people. Fewer is better.
Go outside to exercise, garden, do yard work, and breathe fresh air. Go to crowded locations such as shopping malls, concert venues, movie theaters, rallies, or sporting events. (Many have already been temporarily closed.)
Cook meals at home or order restaurant take-out. Host friends in your home. This includes playdates for kids.
Use video conference and chatting tools to stay socially and professionally connected with people. Use public transportation if you can avoid it.
Shop at grocery stores and pharmacies during off-peak hours (such as when they first open in the morning). Confuse social distancing with isolation. You can – and should – continue to have contact with people throughout the day, even if only virtually.

It’s important to take social distancing seriously. It’s something we can all do to help stop the spread of the coronavirus so that we can get back to our regularly social routines.

As always, it’s easy to connect with BCBSAZ from any distance. We're here for you! Learn more about navigating life in the time of COVID-19.